Rodolphe Barrangou, PhD

T. R. Klaenhammer Distinguished Professor in Probiotics Research, North Carolina State University

Rodolphe Barrangou, PhD, is the T. R. Klaenhammer Distinguished Professor in Probiotics Research at North Carolina State University. Rodolphe is focusing on the characterization of CRISPR-Cas systems, and their applications in bacteria. The CRISPRlab has published numerous studies on the application of CRISPR-Cas systems, and illustrated their use for the study and development of probiotics, including for genotyping, phage resistance, and genome editing to understand and enhance health-promoting functions of interest. The work includes developing and applying novel technologies to develop and formulate next-generation probiotic strains.

Rodolphe spent 9 years in R&D and M&A at Danisco and DuPont and has been at NC State since 2013. He is also the former Chairman of the Board of Caribou Biosciences, a co-founder of Intellia Therapeutics, Locus Biosciences, and TreeCo.

He has been elected into the National Academy of Sciences, the National Academy of Engineering and the National Academy of Inventors.

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