Join us in Vancouver for 3 days of presentations combining the latest scientific, technical and market insights. The IPA World Congress + Probiota Americas program provides an opportunity for business and academia to come together to discuss the challenges and opportunities of today’s evolving marketplace, finding new ways to translate scientific discoveries into pioneering products that today’s consumers want to buy.

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Designed to allow you to travel in and out within the 3 days, our program combines educational presentations with extensive networking opportunities designed to stimulate conversations between business and academia, scientists and product developers.

Program Overview

DAY ONE – June 24, 2019

In the morning, arrive in Vancouver at your convenience in time for registration at 1pm.

The afternoon will explore the role of the microbiome and therapeutic opportunities in allergy, sensitivity and autoimmune disease. We take a deep-dive in to the current understanding of the microbiome and how it can impact autoimmune diseases, allergies and sensitivities.   How does early life and the maternal microbiome impact on the development of these disorders? Are there opportunities for pre and probiotics in preventing their on-set or moderating their effects?

The afternoon will close with a keynote presentation.  Check back here for more details soon!

At the end of the first afternoon of presentations, meet and mingle with fellow delegates whilst sampling an exciting range of fermented food and drink in our fermented food showcase.   Take some time to view the posters submitted to our Scientific Frontiers session.  Selected by our Scientific Committee the posters will present cutting edge findings in the fields of pre and probiotics and microbiome research.

DAY TWO – June 25, 2019

Set yourself up for the second day of conference with an invigorating run to energize the mind!  Enjoy a 5K run led along the beautiful False Creek waterfront.

Day 2 opens with insights in to Population studies and probiotic personalization. As insights into microbiome differences across populations emerge what does this mean for health? What are the opportunities for personalizing probiotics to enhance an individual’s own microbiome?  And hear from Dr Ida Gisela Pantoja-Feliciano about the specific studies from the DoD looking at the microbiota of the military and the impact of diet and stressors, and how nutrition and probiotics might impact on warfighter health and performance.

We will then explore microbiome modeling and AI insights in to the microbiome.  Computational modeling, artificial intelligence and the new tech continues to provide new tools to study the microbiome, identify novel therapies and better understand these complex biological systems.  We explore the latest technologies in this area from speakers including Anton Fliri.

After the morning sessions take a break to meet your fellow delegates with our speed networking session and then join our roundtable lunch discussions to share insights on a topic of interest to you. The roundtable lunch discussions are first come first served.

After lunch we open with a Pan-American Regulatory update. Covering issues as diverse as claims and safety requirements, representatives from regulatory bodies across the Americas, including Health Canada and ANVISA will provide an updated overview of their current regulatory frameworks pertaining to probiotics. This session will also include an update on initiatives to harmonize probiotic guidelines via CODEX Alimentarius.

The final sessions of the day will be a scientific update. As well as presenting insights from the Probiota Americas Scientific Frontiers abstracts we explore some of the most exciting emerging science in the field including the latest insights in to the gut-brain axis and the impact of probiotics on obesity, diabetes and liver health.

This day closes with the annual IPA World Congress + Probiota Americas evening reception. The highlight of the conference, our evening reception on the middle day of the conference offers an opportunity to relax and unwind with your fellow delegates after an exhilarating day of strategic thinking.  Details of this year’s venue will be available soon!

DAY THREE – June 26, 2019

Day three starts with insights in to the latest market insights and developments in communication. As the pre and probiotic categories continue to thrive learn about the latest market developments and trends.  What do consumers want and where are the growth opportunities?  How can companies become a source of pre and probiotics that consumers trust and how can the industry work to overcome the challenges of communicating such a complex field to the ‘average consumer’.

During the morning we will be delighted to welcome our Probiota Pioneers to the stage to present their innovative companies, setting new paths in the industry.

As the program comes to a close we explore the development of understanding of Molecular mechanisms. How can we use current insights in to the microbiome and its interaction with host physiology to better understand the mechanism of action of pre and probiotics with a view to successfully predicting whether new pre or probiotics might be effective towards a given health benefit?

Once the program has come to an end cement new links in your network, discuss the insights you’ve learned from the program and create lasting connections at our informal networking lunch before the event closes at 2.30 pm.

Please note: All session content and timings are not final and are subject to change