Program Themes

Prebiotics: From early life nutrition to weight management and bone health, we explore latest developments in prebiotic research, new prebiotic ingredients and their impact on health.

Sports Nutrition: From immune support to better protein utilization, interest in how the microbiome can impact athletic performance is growing. We will explore the latest developments in this emerging and exciting area.

Regulatory update: Representatives from the US, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, and across the region will discuss the changing regulatory landscape and the implications for marketers of probiotic and prebiotic products in these domestic markets.

Sleep and the microbiome: How does sleep and the disturbance of sleep impact the microbiome and subsequently host health? And how could probiotic and prebiotic products impact this important part of every human’s life?

The gut-brain axis: Data from pre-clinical and clinical studies will illustrate the vast potential in the gut-brain axis, including post-natal depression.

Market insights and industry initiatives: Our experts will discuss the current and future market forces for probiotics and prebiotics across the Americas, while industry representatives will update attendees on their initiatives to advance quality and safety standards across the sector.



Probiota Americas