Michiel Kleerebezem

Prof Michiel Kleerebezem

Professor of Bacterial Metagenomics and Host Microbe Interactions, the Host Microbe Interactomics Group, Wageningen University

SPEAKER – Deciphering molecular mechanisms underlying probiotic action
June 24 @ 3.10 pm
PANEL – Probiotics and health effects – building the big picture
June 25 @ 5.20 pm

Michiel’s expertise centers around the genomics, molecular biology and physiology of bacteria, with a special focus on lactic acid bacteria, probiotics, and the human (intestinal) microbiota. Over the past decade, he has expanded his research field to the (post-genomic) molecular analysis of mechanisms of communication between bacteria and the mucosal tissues of the host.  He obtained his PhD in Molecular Microbiology at the University of Utrecht in 1995. From 1995 until 2015, he worked at NIZO food research as a principal scientist. Since 2007 he has held a position as professor of “Bacterial Metagenomics and Host Microbe Interactions” at the Host Microbe Interactomics Group of the Wageningen University where he was full-time appointed in 2015.  Michiel has (co-) authored over 275 peer-reviewed publications (H-index > 70 according to Web of Science) and is an inventor on more than 25 patent applications.

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