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The Future of Prebiotics

Prenexus Health is a natural prebiotic ingredient company in the U.S. focused on individual health and wellness through the research, development, and production of branded natural prebiotic ingredients for nutrition.

Science Based Prebiotics

As a science-based company that focuses on digestive health as a foundation for overall health and wellness, enhancing the “gut/brain” axis, Prenexus Health will be an innovative global leader in prebiotics supported by scientific and clinical research that demonstrates their health benefits. We believe in understanding digestive health and in helping establish, enrich and protect a healthy gut microbiota is the single largest opportunity to influence the overall foundation for life long health and wellness.

We have a mission is to improve health & wellness of individuals, with a high quality, high purity natural prebiotic ingredient grown and processed in the U.S. following sustainable environmental practices.

Founded in early 2015 following five years of research and development with unique core strengths in:

  • Process Technology IP – proprietary, patent pending, natural extraction processes designed to produce high quality, high purity prebiotics.
  • Unique Class of Plants – Non-GMO & organically grown.
  • Clinically Supported – over 15 years of clinical support on xylo-oligosaccarides (XOS) prebiotic including human studies demonstrating benefits for digestive health, nutrient absorption, heart health, weight management, and immune support.

Our novel highly purified ingredient, XOS95™ Prebiotic, can be used in functional foods, beverages and supplements to offer health benefits for the consumer.

More information can be found on our website:

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