Opportunities to better communicate the benefits of Probiotics & Prebiotics


The last day of the digital summit will begin with a fire-side chat between Ara Katz, Co-Founder & CEO of Seed Health and the chair of the summit Stephen Daniells, PhD of NutraIngredients-USA.

Their conversation will open the discussion that would outline the opportunities and pitfalls of current communication and engagement strategies discussing the exciting new benefits that drive innovations in prebiotics & probiotics. The panel discussion will include:

To continue the session, Ralf Jaeger, PhD, Co-Founder and Partner at Increnovo will share a presentation. Ralf’s presentation will be about Probiotics for Performance: Can Novel Strains Make Better Athletes? An active person is twice as likely to consume probiotics than a sedentary person. But what athlete and sport specific benefits can consumers expect from probiotics? Which strain has sport specific benefits? Certain probiotics could play important roles in maintaining normal physiology and energy production during exercise which may lead to performance improvement and antifatigue effects, improve exercise-induced gastrointestinal symptoms and permeability, stimulate/modulate of the immune system, and improve the ability to digest, absorb, and metabolize macro and micronutrients important to exercise performance and recovery/health status of those physically active.

Key Learnings:

  • Probiotics for athletes and active people: how do they work?
  • The beneficial effect of probiotic supplementation profoundly relies on strain, dose, duration, form, and host physiology as well as the target population and the outcome of interest
  • Certain Probiotics improve immune health and nutrient absorption in athletes, increase athletic performance
  • L. plantarum TWK10® Improves Athletic Performance
  • What probiotic strains should I use for my specific sport and what are the clinically validated benefits?

The presentation will be followed by a live Q&A session between the panel members, keynote speaker and chair.

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