New Interventions for Prebiotics & Probiotics


The second day of the digital summit will begin with a presentation from  Dr. Gerard Clarke, Lecturer at APC Microbiome Ireland. His presentation will be about The Microbiota-Gut-Brain Axis, brain function and behavior: New Therapeutic Opportunities. Both preclinical and clinical research streams have started to reveal the impact our gut microbiota has on host physiology, brain function and behavior. These effects can occur via several pathways, including via the immune system, recruitment of host neurochemical signaling, the vagus nerve, and the production of bacterial metabolites.

This research positions the microbiota-gut-brain axis as an emerging therapeutic target for effective treatment of central nervous system disorders as well as an option for the reduction of side effects associated with commonly used drugs in psychiatry. Psychobiotics, live biotherapeutics or substances whose beneficial effects on the brain are bacterially mediated, are currently being investigated in this regard with increased translational efforts and further mechanistic insights urgently required.

Key Learnings:

  • Discover the broad scope of influence of the gut microbiome on brain function and behavior
  • Understand the mechanisms through which the gut microbiome signals to the brain
  • Evaluate the translational efforts to date to move this research from bench to bedside
  • Identify the therapeutic opportunities arising from these observations

Gerard’s presentation will be followed by a panel discussion. Chaired by Stephen Daniells, PhD of NutraIngredients-USA who will be discussing the exciting new benefits that drive innovations in prebiotics & probiotics. The panel discussion will include:

To continue the session, Dr. Adam Baker, Director of Science at Chr.Hansen along with Dr. Gregory Leyer, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer at UAS Laboratories will present on Science backed Probiotics for new applications in the microbiome era. For the very first time the scientific forces at UAS Laboratories and Chr. Hansen will come together to present science centered probiotics for new applications. They will discuss the importance of the microbiome and the scientific and clinical research behind probiotics for new indication areas. Together they will highlight new areas of research and discuss the future potential of probiotics. In an industry that continues to evolve with consumer interest and media insight, they would like to take a moment to speak with the experts!

Key Learnings:

  • Get insight from the experts on the upcoming application areas for probiotics
  • Discover the importance of research in pre-clinical and clinical development
  • Receive a highlight of probiotic strains studied by indication area

Their presentation will be followed by a live Q&A session between the panel members, keynote speaker and chair.

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