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Floradapt™ is a portfolio of science-based probiotic strains for targeted health applications. The Floradapt products are formulated with proprietary strains, backed by published clinical trials, and utilize actual trial dosage in the finished commercial product.

Floradapt includes strains for Cardio, Baby Colic, Intensive GI, Digestive, Gum Health, Mature Immune Defense, Urinary Tract, and Vaginal Health. Floradapt’s efficacy is rooted in its clinical strains, and accomplished through a unique mechanism of action (MoA) not seen in other probiotic products.

Floradapt’s patented and clinically tested probiotic strains come from sources around the world which have not been affected by western lifestyle, diet, or medicine. Therefore, these products provide highly bio-efficacious effects for various stages of life.

To learn more about the unique activity of these Kaneka products, please get in touch with our sales staff at floradapt@kaneka.com or visit www.floradapt.com.

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