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Jarrow Formulas, Inc. (JFI) is a nutritional supplement manufacturer that markets its products in the United States and internationally to more than 20 countries throughout Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. The company’s goal is to promote optimal health with high quality, effective, affordable and “cutting edge” formulations, which are based on sound scientific research data.  JFI offers a complete line of nutritional products that includes vitamins, minerals, standardized herbal concentrates, enzymes and amino acids as well as patented and clinically proven specialty antioxidant, probiotic and functional food formulations.  JFI’s products are manufactured by Jarrow Industries Incorporated (GMP certified), a pharmaceutical quality facility located in Santa Fe Springs, California.

Jarrow Formulas, Inc. has sold probiotics for over twenty years.  Approximately fifteen years ago, JFI’s president and founder, Jarrow Rogovin, conceived of the idea of the International Probiotic Association (“IPA”), our probiotics trade association, and worked with manufacturers to start our organization.  He was the IPA’s first president and has been on the board since its inception.  The IPA will have an increasingly important role in establishing recognized analytical methodologies, interacting with regulatory agencies, providing a forum for the exchange of ideas, particularly as a meeting place for the exchange of technical and scientific information.

Jarrow Formulas’ professional staff are also actively involved in clinical studies and in working with researchers from universities, institutes and other academic environments around the world. JFI funds research studies on many of our products such as bone formulas (Bone-Up®), Co-Q10, lignans, silicon (JarroSil®), pomegranate, probiotics, Alpha Lipoic Acid, and sulforaphane (from broccoli seed extract), in order to ensure that customers receive the full biological value of these products.  JFI strives to provide the best service and technical support to its customers.

The company is active in monitoring governmental regulatory affairs, which affect the nutritional industry. It also vigorously promotes the rights of Americans to free access to dietary supplements.

For a complete listing of our products, please visit our website at www.jarrow.com.

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