Fermented Food Showcase

Interest in fermented products is growing across North America, and Vancouver is just one of the cities developing a real hub of producers, fermenting local produce naturally, for local consumers.

New for 2019, we’re delighted to invite a selection of local fermented food producers to showcase their products at the IPA World Congress + Probiota Americas. From Koji to Kimchi and Kombucha to Kefir, visit the sampling area to get your tastebuds tingling and enjoy some fantastic British Columbia produced ferments.

You’ll be able to sample products from:

Alami Foods Ltd manufactures handmade fresh tempeh, fermented locally in Surrey, BC, Canada.

Originally from Indonesia, TEMPEH has been around for centuries and well known for its versality and nutrient contents. TEMPEH is made by a natural culturing and fermentation process using Rhizopus culture, which is a type of beneficial fungus and is an excellent source of plant-based protein, vitamins and minerals. As a fermented product, TEMPEH is easy to digest and offers a lot of health benefits, such as strengthening immune and digestive systems, lowering cholesterol, improving bone health, and helping balance hormones.



Biota Fermentation are a small batch fermentation company from Vancouver, BC. We specialize in natural and traditional preservation techniques to deliver a product that is rich in both quality and live cultures.

Each of our products is measured daily until the perfect balance of pH and flavour has been achieved, then it is refrigerated and packaged. Our ferments are never subjected to any pasteurization procedures, nor do we add any preservatives or stabilizers.

Discover unexpected new flavours with the always fresh, limited-run seasonal products.



Culture Kefir Co. crafts delicious unique Infused Water Kefir in Vancouver BC. We strive to create healthy, balanced, nutritious beverages that taste great! We ferment our water kefir and then infuse it with raw fresh whole fruits and herbs to make a rainbow of beautiful flavours and colours. Our uncarbonated water kefirs are light and refreshing and packed with probiotics and raw food nutrition.

We include super foods – like Spirulina – powerhouse herbs – like Turmeric and Ginger – and raw whole fruits at the peak of their ripeness. Our Water Kefir are made in small batches, each one handcrafted and packaged with love.



We believe “healthy guts make happy humans” and we want You to feel amazing. This is why we use only organic teas, herbs & botanicals to create our diverse flavours. We believe in a longer fermentation time and not steering far from our “homebrew roots”.

Our methods cleverly integrate health & fun while maintaining outstanding taste & low sugar content. #trustyourgut


At Spreadem Kitchen, we provide Cashew Soft Cheeze Spreads and Cashew Dips. Our cashew cheese products are diary free, non GMO and Fermented.

We get excited about connecting with people through food and doing as much good as possible. Creating experiences where passion and purpose come together. We are on a mission to inspire healthier communities by providing real, nourishing, tasty food with a commitment to natural, whole-food ingredients, education and cultivating genuine relationships on every level. We love being apart of your story and joining you on your journey of discovery of healthy eating, creativity and celebration.



Vankoji Founder, Tonami, began selling Shio-koji in 2013 at the Nikkei Japanese culture center in Burnaby. She discovered Shio-koji while making her own koji for home made miso-paste. Shio-koji was lost to the Japanese culture for almost a century. It was once a common pantry item and used in every day cooking. It disappeared from Japanese cooking  in the early parts of the 20th century, around the same time that MSG was making a rise. It was rediscovered in Japan in 2007 and today is once again a staple in the Japanese pantry.

After reading about Shio-koji’s popularity back in her homeland, Tonami decided to introduce it to the local Japanese market.  Since it’s start in 2013, Vankoji has introduced this ingredient to 1000s of people and Vankoji has grown into a small batch producer whose products can be found in markets throughout the Vancouver area and used by customers of all nationalities in their every day cooking.