Dr Thomas Tompkins

Research Director, Lallemand Health Solutions

Dr Tompkins has been Research Director at Lallemand since 1999 where he has established a strong scientific programme to evaluate the pre-clinical and clinical effects of probiotics. His internal research teams evaluate the safety and action of probiotics and their effect on immunity in human cell systems, and novel in vivo models. His current focus is the role of the microbiota, and its associated resistome, in gastrointestinal and neurological disorders. In particular, he is interested in identifying the impact of probiotics in modulating the functionality of the brain-gut-microbiome axis. He collaborates with a number of external investigators to evaluate the clinical opportunities for the use of microbes in the alleviation of symptoms associated with gastrointestinal and other mucosa-related disorders.

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Clinical studies with probiotics and the brain-gut-microbiota axis: What we’ve learned in over 15 years

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