Dairyfem R&D

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Dairyfem R&D GmbH has made ground breaking innovation in the field of probiotics in order to produce a combination of yoghurt and a range of lactic acid
bacteria developed specifically in the pursuit of womens health.To this date Dairyfem R&D GmbH is the only company conducting research in womens health by the combination of beneficial bacteria and dairy product.

As a specialised company Dairyfem R&D GmbH maintains a group of research scientists who have, over the past three years, raised the effectiveness of selected
bacteria in dairy products to a new level. Dairyfem R&D GmbH owns the technical formula, licence and bacteria strains which enable the production of exceptional products i.e functional foods for women.

The estimated expansion of a worldwide market for probiotic yoghurt to be an additional 30 percent by 2020 increasing the trend of health awareness by customers – be part of it!


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