With more than ten years in probiotic product R&D, Biopolis is a leading provider of quality microbial technologies for the food and pharmaceutical sectors, among others, partnering with you at every step of your product development.

Biopolis offers a variety of engagements with customers, from directed microbial design and proof of concept evaluation to fermentation scale up in pilot and manufacturing plants. Our proprietary high throughput evaluation system allows us to screen for optimal strain/ingredient formulations.

We have a growing portfolio of off-the-shelf conventional and functional probiotics carefully developed following FAO/WHO guidelines and supported by safety and clinical studies. Our production facility in Spain is certified ISO 22000 allergen-free, non-GMO and Halal. We provide tested stability data and storage recommendations for every strain.

Contact: Phone: +1-217-451-8981 (USA), +34-963-160-299 (Spain).

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