BioCaps Enterprises, Inc.

BioCaps®, is a world leading empty hard capsule manufacturer in the Nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries, for more than four decades, we are well recognized as a company dedicated to the highest quality in the industry. BioCaps offers Gelatin, Hypromellose (HPMC) and Acid Resistant capsules with a variety of sizes and color choices.

Biocaps’s Acid Resistant Capsule  is an ultimate solution to protect acid-sensitive ingredients from stomach acid, it dissolves quickly in neutral media, it is a perfect choice for Probiotic and Enzyme formulations without a heavy investment on dosage like an enteric coated process. The capsule also has received a US Patent.

Biocaps offers a pro-active tech support service for all its customers’ capsule needs. We also offer extensive training for our customers on all types of capsule filling machines to increase production yield and reduce cost.

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