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Using dynamic audio, visual and text formats, NutraIngredients.com journalists offer the expertise required to unpick, process and effectively communicate the scientific, regulatory and industry issues that matter to your organisation.

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Probiota Americas and Probiota is brought to you by Global Brands Events, an international events team that combines specialist knowledge of global markets with the skills and resources to deliver in each of them.  As innovators we develop new event formats and approaches to maximize value for commercial partners while delivering content that wins applause and loyalty from even the most demanding audiences.

William Reed is the publisher of NutraIngredients-USA.com, FoodNavigator-USA.com and a host of digital newsletters, publications and data sources for the food, drink and nutrition industries.  WRBM

As an international multi-media events company, William Reed welcomes more than 40,000 delegates to over 40 live events, conferences and exhibitions ever year – on every continent.  We’re the name behind some of the industry’s most influential global award programs including the International Wine Challenge and the World’s 50 Best Restaurant Awards.

We regularly engage with over 2.8 million food, drink and nutrition professionals.


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